How to Respect Yourself without Hating the People Who’ve Put You Down

You have to concentrate; consciously. Raise your head and clench your jaw. 

Then relax. 

Accept that you’ve been bested, in the sense that, your equilibrium, your natural state of balance, has been compromised. 

Even still, this does not mean that in appreciating or dissecting someone else’s perspective for any considerable advice beneficial to one’s own progress in being a better person, we have to then surrender our personal intelligence and self-approval to the hands of the person enlightening us.

You have to remember, if you’re angry, afraid, shy, nervous,  or just unsure how to express yourself in the presence of another person, it’s because something about that person makes you think your opinion is secondary to theirs.

Now, whether they truly do hold some advantage in intellect, personal appreciation, swag, whatever, this does not then mean you must emulate them and forget about your own style.

And if you don’t know what your style is, invent one.

Invent one that takes the beautiful things of the world, the positive and progressive things around you, and blends it into an amazing person to have the opportunity to be. 

Do not let jealousy stop appropriate admiration; yet, do not let admiration cause you to equivocate on your own voice only to borrow someone else’s.

You’re not a parrot.

If anything, be Kakashi-Sensei. Use your sharingan to download the world around you. After doing so, transfer that download into audio output. Feel me?

Play the music out loud.

Through your own speaker. Or your own jutsu.

Be you. You’re right there. Just be you

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