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Growth and Expansion

Proven systems that increase your ROI, traffic, organization, and distribution.

What I Do


A jack of all trades. You’re in good hands. 

Content Writing

Engaging content that puts the reader first and breaks down complex information into simple terms. I include affiliate links and solutions that often bring money back into your pocket.

Web Design

Stunning, mobile-responsive websites that tell a story. I’ll guide you through hosting, layout ideas, and managing your new site so that it works for you with minimal care. 

Content Marketing

Templates, techniques, and tailor-made strategies for sharing your content and increasing your traffic. This includes emails, social media, headlines, infographics, and web text.


Getting your content on the first page of Google through strategic design, increased loading speeds, keyword research, high-quality writing, and enhanced website security. 


Helping you attract your ideal client by identifying your unique offering statement, creating the logos, copy, and designs that compliment it. Then, we strategically distribute your brand.


Free 15-minute consolation to help you with whatever questions you have about websites, writing, business goals, etc. I’m here to help you grow, scale, learn, and make money.  

Emon Johnson smiling while on grass

Why Choose Me

I'll Go Above and

Emon Johnson smiling while on grass

The experience and genuine interest required to create success.

Get On Target

Sometimes you have ideas but don’t know where to start. I help you answer these questions by discussing your goals and navigating you through the best options.

Increase Your Revenue

Let’s face it: we’re trying to make money here. I create systems that align with automatic cash flow systems. Think sign ups for your courses and products or affiliate links in your articles. 

Ongoing Support

Most projects don’t stop once the website’s built or the article’s written. There’s work done both prior and after that’s critical to the longevity and overall success of each project. I handle this for you so you can rest easy.


What People Say

“Emon was such a pleasure to work with and he did a great job on my website! He brought a lot of new ideas for me to consider and I am very happy with the design and functionality of my new website. Emon will definitely be my go to guy for anything I need for my website moving forward.”
LeiLani Thomas
CEO Design & Order

“Emon has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to web design. He’s quick to respond and delivers more than what you ask for. I’m glad he listened to the scope of my project and helped me learn I what needed and what I could scrap. Big thanks!”

Brian Feliciano
CEO BF Construction
“Emon is an excellent writer, designer, and organizer. His interviewing skills are impressive too. He knows what questions to ask that help get to the root of your problems and goals.”
Charles Jackson
Editor in Chief City Pride Magazine

“Five stars! Great experience all around. Solid writing, very thorough, good communication. Would hire again.”

Chris Fay
Editor Skate Newswire

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