Content Writing

Quality content that reflects your brand and ranks well using simple terms and great structure. 


Why You Need Content Writing

Create Your Unique Voice

Own your sphere of influence with articles, newsletters, company updates, emails, and web text. Escalate your brand and mission while providing value to your audience.

Get Paid

Start making money with your writing using affiliate marketing, ad space, product reviews and more. Take your income to the next level with your blogs and let them earn money while you sleep.

Streamline Your Content Distribution

Write now, repurpose on social media later. Use your written content as a framework for future announcements, company updates, social posts, video guides, email referrals and more. 


How to Write
Quality Content

Write for Everyday People​

Although this may sound intuitive, it is often overlooked. Being a great writer who knows fancy words is great; but, people don’t care. What they want is someone to explain things in a way they can appreciate. Simply: they want things clear and concise. 

Use Clickbait

Yup. Use it. Though the name sounds negative, the idea behind it is extremely effective. Use headings that get people to click on your content. “Top Reasons Why…” “The Biggest Secret About..” “The ONE Technique That Will Change…” Etc. These titles challenge or intrigue the reader, making them want to know more.

SEO-Optimize Your Content

To rank well, ensure your content follows SEO best practices. Otherwise, it’ll likely fall on deaf ears. Optimization involves several factors such as using proper headings, spacing, alt text for images, clear meta descriptions, and quality keywords.

Segue Naturally

A hidden gem of content writing that a lot of today’s writers fail at. Naturally transitioning from one topic to another is a skill that smooths out the entire structure of your content. It allows you to introduce call-to-actions and research in a way that easily generates sells and builds trust. 

Use Clear CTA's

CTA stands for call-to-ction. Growing an audience means making promises, offering solutions, and breathing action into the reader. Use phrases that prompt the reader to do something or think a certain way. Give them a reason to come back, buy a product, do more research, or tell a friend.  

Provide Value

The most important thing you can do when writing is to provide value. Give your readers something that will help improve their lives. Become their go-to source and you’ll create loyal returning customers. 


Frequently Asked

Content writing services have a flat rate of 30¢/word

Maybe. Not everyone needs a blog, though they certainly do have their benefits regardless of necessity.

If you plan on building a large audience of eager, returning listeners or subscribers, then you’re definitely going to need something along the lines of a blog or media platform. 

However, if your business or organization doesn’t need to constantly provide information to readers, like in the case of a personal portfolio, for example, then a blog may not be necessary.  

  • Articles/Blogs (long-form, short-form)
  • How-to Guides
  • Listicles
  • Product Reviews
  • Copywriting
  • Video Scripts
  • Presentation Scripts
  • Web Text (about us, call-to-actions, product and service descriptions)

While I specialize in the health and wellness niche, I write for all subject matters.

I have written extensively for news publications, the skateboarding industry, fitness companies, and topics relating to human behavior.

Projects on mental health, artificial intelligence, and finance are highly desirable. 

1-2 Days.

A Rush Job can be requested for $40. 

Certainly. Keywords related to your business and selected topics will be strategically placed throughout each article in a natural and immersive way. 

Title tags will be properly assigned, headings will progress appropriately, and the spacing will be consistent and follow SEO best practices. Meta descriptions, image descriptions, and alt text will be written for every image in your article. 

Absolutely. After the rough draft is sent, I provide 2 rounds of revisions for the final draft, free of charge. 

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