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I’m a big sucker for underdogs and high achievers. I became a content developer to help people breathe life into their goals by transcending common barriers. A lot of what we want is possible. With the right people and systems, we can create just about anything.


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Years of writing, web design, journalism, and marketing.


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Freelance -Writing/Web Design/Graphic Design/UX Design/Video Editing


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City Pride Magazine – Journalism/Photography/Web Design/Marketing

Content Developer

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I’m local to Long Beach, though I’ve worked with companies throughout California, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, and even Portugal. 

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Emon Johnson is a content developer with five years of experience helping people get their ideas organized and in front of more eyes. He specializes in nonprofit and small business web designs and writes primarily in the health and wellness niche. 

Emon became a content developer in 2018 during an internship with City Pride Magazine, a Los Angeles-based news publication aimed at providing local stories and services for urban communities. 

When he’s not working, he enjoys writing, watching anime, drumming, and dog training. He lives in Long Beach, CA, and was raised in Compton. He often visits his neighboring city to assist in public projects, city events, and breaking news stories. 

I like organization, good systems, helping people, and solid stories. Being a content developer lets me do all of this under one title. 

I get to hear people’s stories about where they came from and where they’re going, or what they’ve thought of and what they want to do next. And I get to help them organize their thoughts and ideas into actionable steps so that more people can hear their story. It’s awesome. 

My aim is to help people expand their businesses and ideas into empires. 


When I became a behavior interventionist six years ago, I learned first-hand about the mysteries of autism and children. It’s strange: You think you know something about a topic from TV or the news, but you never really know until you’re in the mix.

I learned that children and people with autism are a lot more brilliant than one may think. The way they think, rigid as it may be at times, fascinates me. The depth of knowledge several kids, 20+ years my junior, knew about space, dinosaurs, video games, and movies, stunned me. It made me want to help them develop their social and behavioral skills more so they could easily pursue and enjoy what captivated them. 

Once I discovered this feeling within myself, I sowed my love for underdogs and hard workers and dedicated my life to helping people of all backgrounds achieve their life and career goals. Small businesses often need a start, and nonprofits often need organization. I do what I can to help maximize their efforts.

Behavior and body language have always fascinated me. During my undergrad, I found myself often at socials, parties, and other events with large groups of people. I was always mingling.

During these encounters, I’d speak with any and everyone, aiming to have a simple conversation. Maybe share a few opinions I have; hear something about what they believe in: you know, stimulate each other. 

Looking at people’s body, I could often tell when they wanted to talk as well. Or retreat, or get closer, or invite a friend, take time to think of something else, or just sit quietly in each other’s space. 

It felt like a super power. A lot of my friends noticed my social aptitude, and oversharing on people’s behaviors, and eventually started pointing out other behavioral finds they too discovered. 

This all led me to dive deeper into psychology and mental health, eventually leading me to write and share my ideas online. 

From there, I began publishing articles on Medium and Upwork and eventually created EmonJo.com so I could house all my ideas on one platform. With it, I’m able to give people access to both my raw and well-researched thoughts, hoping to stimulate more people and receive further insight into human behavior. 

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