We Got F*****

We got fucked yo. No lube, no nuttin. Well, I’m sure there was nuttin. These niggas came like no other. 

Alright pause.

Alright we back. 

Nah but for real, we got fucked yo. 

Like, don’t you remember when things were slower and your thoughts felt more personal?

Fuuuuuuuucccckkkk. This is already on the clouuuud! Damn it.

But we got fucked man.

Think about it. There’s Youtube, right? This platform where people put out all kinds of videos. Many with several millions of viewers and subscribers. Many of which tell us how to do, think, and live.

Before though, well we had teachers, our friends, our parents, and our environments. 

Before, information sharing was slower. Being such, information processing was also slower. Not just that, it was more personal.

Knowing this, have you ever wondered, “Just how much different is my brain with how fast and far-reaching all this information is?”

Have you ever stopped and wondered, “Just how fucked are we?”

Well let me see if I can break it down for you.

Back in my day

Back in my day, I’m 26 at the time of writing this btw, but back in my day, we just started using the mufucken “btw,” my nigga. What?! 

Fuck you mean?!

I mean honestly not too many people I know text with a bunch of acronyms anymore, but my point here is that things had just started to get shorter for efficiency purposes. At least for me.

Texting was a huge indicator of “Ohh. I don’t have to write out all this extra shit. You can pick up what I’m putting down with less work from me. Tight. SYTFOW…”

Feel me?

And then what had happen was, sometime after we got all used to texting quickly and the internet started making its way into our lives, thus providing us with new ways to access endless amounts of information in a matter of – well, I had NetZero, so like, two minutes… but in a shorter time than taking my ass to the library – we were thrown into the world of instant gratification. 

And by thrown bro I mean legit just tossed in there. Same way they tossed our salad no warning man.

Alright I’m done with the gay jokes. Lest a stroke of genius comes bustin’ outta nowhere like Steve Jobs jacking off in the shadows.

Did that work? 

Whatever fuck it. Fuck you too.

Oh!!!!! And that’s part of how we got fucked!

The PC era and the sensitivity! 

So look: as we started learning more about the world in a matter of -thinking past NetZero slow ass – seconds, my nigga, we also started getting hit by a lot of progressive thinking. A lot of talk about inclusivity, and don’t use offensive words, and support this cause, and if you once said fag you’re a bad person and just a bunch of shit. 

Now look….fag is a tough one. It’s hard to navigate…. Like the crevices of one’s butthole when unbeknownst penetration is afoot: kinda hard to get it in without getting them to relax first.

And for fag, well the sheer amount of attention given to the word, in my opinion, did both good, and this other thing that’s hard to label, to the word itself and its effect on the gay community.

It sorta separated the sting out of the word by creating this space for more people to be considered a fag. 

And while, very likely, the negative connotation associated with calling someone a fag may have originated from the negative perceptions about being gay at the time, the fact remains that not everyone saying fag felt as though, “Hey, you like men as a man and therefore fuck you.” 

No. It was more a, “Hey, you’re being a little fucking cunt right now and I disapprove of your cuntiness.”

Or, “Hey, fuck you, man. Haha.”

Or a, “Hey, that guy’s a legit bitch of a guy.” 

And so many others, man.

It just diluted it so much that the real, whatever that means, meaning behind it, got misconstrued as well. 

And, all the while, there was the LGBTQ+ movement, along with other PC-like movements, Black Lives Matter, certain Asian groups needing more representation… I think….

Basically, people felt that we needed to treat the collective more as a collective and to stop having negative sides to all scenarios. 

Back in my day, we had this thing called “No child left behind.”

You remember that shit. 

See, the PC era took no child left behind and blew it up by 1,000.

And some of you are probably thinking like, “Well isn’t this good? Don’t we want to make sure the overall collective is good? Don’t we want to make sure people feel respected and included?”

In short, yes. 

However, the way we went about it, coupled with the fact that we were now able to seamlessly get whatever information we wanted, and even information we didn’t want – information that our sorta friends and coworkers and classmates wanted and supported and now we know about and judge accordingly – we were faced with a new reality: We know everything about everyone and everyone says know me because everyone else is starting to get recognized.

And with recognition comes respect.

As soon as more and more cases of black people getting murdered by the police started appearing, we had a slow, yet apparent change in the way the concept was accepted by the public. 

And now, well you’d have to be sleeping with Patrick Star to not think police brutality to be, and have been, an unfortunate reality that millions of African Americans face. 

And knowing this, people now respect the ideas and pains of African Americans in a new light. Which is why so many people advocated for Treyvon Martin and Geroge Floyd. People of all colors. 

We couldn’t sweep our respect under the rug anymore because we’d be too wrong to think it’s okay to ignore this obvious fuckedupness. 

And before I keep going on about this, the major point here is that, in the same way people started recognizing, “Hey, Black people have been mistreated for a long time and we need to do something about it,” they also did the same for gay people, women, children, the eldery, other ethnicities, dogs, cats, fish, Herambe, wood, shoes, and Chris Brown’s knuckles after Rhianna’s face ran into them repeatedly. 

We got fucked…not really unknowingly or without lube…but because we wanted everyone to be everyone. Because people were starting to be people and we started seeing everything super fast. 

We got fucked because we wanted to. Because we saw how much we had allowed to get swept under the rug before.

But I think that the lack of knowing what went on behind the scenes in the many lives and activities of our power holders and common folk alike, may have held certain benefits and drawbacks for our society that have shifted in this new information age. 

Before, I think we accepted certain inklings and feelings as inevitable ways of life. Now, however, with the amount of options and so many teachers and opinionated fucks out there, we too believe our opinions and preferences to be of equal value to those causing us questionable inklings and feelings. 

We started thinking more pervasively, “Yo why the fuck would I listen to this nigga teach me if I could just go on YouTube and have a nigga teach me way quicker?”

We became know-it-alls yo.

Know-it-alls who didn’t really know shit. Or… know-it-alls who knew too much, and forgot that knowing how to not know too far ahead of what was HAPPENING NOW, was the better way to know. 

Essentially, YouTube, Spotify preferences, the internet, nigga Netflix…all these things provide information that’s personalized to you in a fashion that perpetuates the likelihood of you wanting to reengage with those activities. Additionally, the momentum of the PC era was so pervasive in many people’s lives, and its appearance being at the time of these widespread streaming platforms that offer powerful personalization tools, created a generation of people who enjoy being fucked.

Do you get it?

We wanted to be nice and inclusive because we were being assholes. So we widespread the idea the same way one spreads their cheeks wide when it’s time for daddy to come on in and…man yeah this was a lot easier at the start.

Ima need some more lube.

Or spit or something.


I think you get it.

We got fucked as a society and lost a lot of our innate knowledge pertaining to operating within confines we dare not shatter. And, much of this knowledge was acquired in good faith and for good reason. 

Nevertheless, it comes with consequences. Like your asshole hurting and wondering why.

Go look on YouTube, bro. Someone will be able to tell you.

And they’ll make you feel real good about it too. Almost like it was a good thing it happened. 

Almost like they’ll be able to solve your problem with just a few more videos or a link to their course or something.

Almost like…they’re waiting to fuck you too.

That’s crazy.

Cuz I don’t like sharing. 

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