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Don Buford is a retired major league baseball player who played for the Orioles. He founded Educational Sports Institute in 2015 to teach children and young adults about the transformative power of sports, camaraderie, and hard work.


The goal of this project was to create a website that displayed the hundreds of photos they’ve taken over the years and use them to create a story that would get people to know who they were, why and how they helped people, and how those interested could get involved.

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As requested, this site uses no stock photos and incorporates all ESI media into its framework. This consistency reinforces their brand with every page, establishing trust and legitimacy as people come to discover they’ve helped thousands of children as they’ve claimed. The structure of the site is predictable and simple, offering an easy scroll to users and quick editing to administrators.

The Icing


The highlights features of this website are the Large Hero Sections that come directly from the client and give the user a quick glance at the information to come; the Donate Page, which is an important aspect of any nonprofit website and serves as a method of expanding their cause; and the Media Page, displaying their images and videos, establishing trust and legitimacy to their claims.

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Large Hero

The large hero sections serve as an introduction to each page and the nonprofit as a whole. Using images directly from the client, a sense of integrity and commitment is established with the user by the sheer amount of photos ESI has of their work. 

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Donate Page

A donation page is an essential part of any nonprofit website. It serves as a way to collect more funds and increase their cause. 

The donate page features information on why people should donate, how they can go about it, and different forms of payments that they accept. It also provides suggestions on amounts people should donate, prompting users to take action with less legwork, should they want to contribute. 

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Media Page

The media page introduces videos and a gallery to users. It also works as a bank of sorts, hosting the organization’s media in one predictable spot for them to venture back to when necessary. 


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