The Deets

Project Overview


B|F Construction is a Los-Angeles based construction company specializing in commercial and residential construction. 


The goal of this project was to create a portfolio site that could both display past projects and funnel in new clients.

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This resulted in a sleek and modern website that’s all-around user-friendly and easy to navigate. The consistent sized squares, paired with solid images and specialized placement, gives the user a pleasant scroll up and down the website. They wanted something simple, yet efficient, and were quite happy with how the project turned out. 

The Icing


The highlight features for this site are the Portfolio page, which displays the company’s previous projects: something businesses and homeowners want to see; the Tawkto Chatbox, enabling the owner to communicate with their visitors and answer questions instantly; and the sticky mobile buttons for phone calls and emails, making it all the easier to get into contact with the site owner whenever visitors need to.

Inside the

Portfolio Page

The Portfolio page features a gallery displaying beautiful images of completed projects and an additional section for case studies. The case study section has an image carousel and a descriptive text area which gives viewers more insight into the company’s building process. 

Inside the

Tawkto Chatbox

The Tawkto Chatbox is a sticky button located at the bottom of the right-hand corner of the website. When opened, it takes you to your standard-looking chatbox.

If the owner is online, either on their laptop or cell phone, they’ll receive notifications via their Tawkto App, and can respond to customers instantly. If not, messages will be stored into their Tawkto App conversations, and they can begin a chat with their customers once they’re available to do so. 

Inside the

Sticky Mobile Buttons

The sticky mobile buttons are a great feature for the smaller stature of phones and a compliment to the efficiency people desire when using one. 

Once clicked, it will navigate the user to either the email of the site owner or prompt a phone call to their number. This makes getting in contact with them all the easier. 

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